The Continued Fallout from Fukushima


     As we move ever closer to the three-year anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster, we are faced with many unanswered questions.  Chief among them is why are we hearing so little about the continuing issues surrounding this event?  It seems that news of heightened radiation levels are quickly reported and forgotten.  Most major news outlets are guilty of this, leaving the public to strike out on their own to find out exactly what is going on and what is being done about it.

     Following only the Chernobyl disaster, the event at the Fukushima Daiichi plant is only the second such incident to reach Level 7 (the most severe designation) on the International Nuclear Event Scale.  Now, Chernobyl has since been widely documented and discussed, but at the time of the event, the Cold War era Soviet Union was rife with secrecy and misinformation.  Fast forward to present day:  We live in a world made infinitely smaller by the internet, and citizen journalists utilizing smart phones to document incidents as they unfold.  Many points of views are widely available for discussion as opposed to the people being forced to rely on a limited number of news outlets.  Now, I am of the realization that individual ideals are not inherently more legitimate than those espoused by more established outlets, nor should they be discarded offhand.  The bottom line for myself, as well as all of you, is to do your own research.  Don’t blindly accept anything as fact that comes from the mainstream or from the “alternative” news sources.  Here is some food for thought.


     The picture above documents the drastic increase of radiation in the Pacific Ocean in March of 2012, roughly one year after the Fukushima incident.  The picture illustrates a massive radioactive field closing in on Hawaii as it encroaches further towards the West Coast of the United States.  Here’s where things get scary:  Remember, this picture is from 2012.  In approximately one year, that amount of radiation covered that large of an area.  It has been 22 months since this image was taken.  That’s 22 months of movement while radioactive material is still pouring into the Pacific from the crippled Fukushima facility.  Areas on our own West Coast are now showing radiation readings that are 500% higher than normal and over 500 times greater than predicted.  People will argue the possible, non-Fukushima causes, and that’s fine.  I’m not here for conspiracy in regards to Fukushima, just the truth, which happens to be dictated by both the map above as well as the highly above average radiation readings.

     Earlier, I decried the relative dearth of mainstream media coverage over the fallout of this incident.  Upon reflecting some, I have concluded that this may be a good thing, because it saves us from such mind-numbing idiocy as Ann Coulter’s diatribe stating we should all be thankful for the excess radiation.  Then there’s Cenk Uygur, host of the Young Turks.  While employed as an on-air personality at MSNBC, Uygur was warned off deviating from the official story that Fukushima is and was safe.  Pay no attention to the 71 first responders who are suffering from radiation sickness or various cancers and are now suing TEPCO, the energy company responsible for the Fukushima Daiichi facility.  Nevermind the spike in groundwater radiation at the site.  No, we can all sleep soundly, safe in the knowledge that all is well and that increased radiation is a blessing.

     As with everything, I invite you to check the links in this article and form your own opinion.  The sad fact is that in this day in age, you can look and research and find equally strong reasons to support almost any side of almost any debate.  Apply reason and see what you’re left with.

Until next time, keep your eyes and minds open.


The 50 Year Lie


     As we approach the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, we as a nation and as a people seem to largely agree on one thing:  The official government fairy tale that Lee Harvey Oswald, acting as a lone gunman, is viewed exactly as that.  A fairy tale, a story concocted to lull a nation.  Now, the very public assassination of a beloved president is undoubtedly a traumatic event for a nation and its people.  Being told that this heinous act was cooked up and carried about by a single man is a much more soothing salve than knowing that shadowy elements within that country’s government both orchestrated the murder and conspired to conceal that fact.  The issue for those behind the scenes is that a recent Gallup poll shows that no less than 61% of Americans question the official story, and for good reason.  Here are two items for your consideration.

JFK Vs. The Federal Reserve

     The Federal Reserve (The Fed) is often a focal point in alternative theories.  This should come as no surprise since the Fed is not a government entity, nor is it regulated as one.  That’s right, despite the implications in its name, the Federal Reserve is a private bank.  A private bank that controls the fate of the nation’s economy and, in turn, much of our day-to-day lives. When the Fed loans money to the United States government, it does so at interest, meaning that debt is automatically assumed by the government and those of us who pay our taxes.  The Fed is also charged with keeping the U.S. economy rolling along in high gear my maintaining a high rate of employment in the U.S., as well as manipulating interest rates.  A privately owned bank with all of this power is a natural fit in any number of conspiracy theories, but where exactly does it tie in with JFK?

     On June 4th of 1963, President Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110.  One thing that this order enacted was the issuance of new monetary notes backed by  “any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury”.  The new “United States Notes”, backed by the U.S. Treasury, were brought into circulation in $2 and $5 denominations.  $4 billion worth.  At the time of Kennedy’s assassination, some seven and a half months later, $10 and $20 United States Notes were being printed, but had not yet been put into circulation.  What exactly could have become of this newly established currency?  While that is not known, it is undeniable that $4+ billion being introduced in U.S. notes would have seriously hindered the juggernaut of the Federal Reserve.  What might the last 50 years have looked like for our country from an economic standpoint?  What might our national debt look like compared to where it is now?  These are, unfortunately, questions that will go unanswered. 

     Executive Order 11110 was a strategic plan by JFK to undermine the power of the fed and issue monetary notes which were fully backed and came at no added debt to the country, unlike the notes issued by the Federal Reserve.  There is debate on whether or not this was an opening salvo from Kennedy aimed squarely at the Fed, but it certainly makes you wonder.  A private banking cabal making billions of dollars off of U.S. taxpayers while not having to answer to anyone.  A president who decided to utilize his presidential powers to cripple it.  Strangest of all? Immediately following Kennedy’s death, virtually all U.S. notes were removed from circulation.  Sends an awfully strong message to future presidents about upsetting the apple cart, doesn’t it?  The bottom line is that the monetary monopoly held by the Federal Reserve continues, unchecked, to this day.

Operation Northwoods

     Recently, the phrase “false flag” has worked its way into the modern American zeitgeist, thanks largely to incidents like 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing.  There is no better way into war than to have the people of your country crying out for justice, and that is one of the things that make false flag operations so reprehensible.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a false flag is simply a staged or fabricated act of aggression that is conducted solely to further an agenda, such as starting a war or diminishing civil rights.  I realize that there will be some out there who simply cannot believe that the government of this country would ever even consider such extreme measures.  Trust me, they would, and the documents are out there to prove it.

     In 1959, a Communist revolutionary named Fidel Castro became Prime Minister of Cuba as well as Commander in Chief of that country’s armed forces.  As you can imagine, having an island nation which is a scant 90 miles from Florida under total communist control was not something that the U.S. government was happy with.  There were countless plots and attempts to assassinate Castro, even involving the CIA reaching out to the Mafia.  Then, in April of 1961 there was the Bay of Pigs Invasion, a failed military invasion of Cuba planned by the CIA (once more with mafia aid) and utilizing a CIA backed paramilitary group comprised of Cuban exiles.  Indeed, the U.S. had Castro very high on their hit list.

     By 1962, the Department of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff had compiled a document titled “Justification for U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba”, which was presented to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara.  This memorandum was to serve as the basis for planning the logistics of military action.  Now, this wasn’t regarding another invasion attempt manned by a guerrilla force or even the U.S. armed forces.  Instead, this was a plan to give the U.S. government a justifiable reason for military action in the eyes of its citizens and the international community.  This became Operation Northwoods, an outline for false flag attacks as well as a narrative to go along with it.

     Operation Northwoods lays out several proposed options, such as hijackings and bombings which, once carried about by the CIA or another U.S. agency, could be blamed on Cuba to gain a “legitimate” in for war with Cuba.  There was even a plan to dress a drone aircraft as a civilian airliner.  The plan stated that a civilian flight, with specifically selected passengers using aliases, would divert to a U.S. military base.  At that time, the drone stand-in would resume the flight path of the original civilian flight.  Once in airspace above Cuba, the drone would transmit a mayday message on an international distress frequency stating that it was under attack by the Cuban air force.  This transmission would initiate a destruct sequence for the drone aircraft, seeming to indicate that a civilian flight had been downed by the Cubans.  Key to the plan was that since the mayday would be broadcast on an international frequency, civil aviation stations outside of the U.S. would be the ones to raise the alert, notifying the U.S. government and eliminating them from having to release the information themselves and face possible doubts as to what happened.  Pretty elaborate, and it’s all spelled out in black and white in declassified government documents.

     It’s quite a slap across the face to see how far the government of this country was willing to go to achieve goals that were deemed necessary.  The fact that bombings and other acts of violence would be intentionally carried out on American soil, and that innocent people would be hurt and killed with the consent and planning of our government is enough to leave a sour taste in anyone’s mouth.  What may be more frightening is that this collection of proposals made it all the way to the President, who rejected the plan wholesale. Might that rejection have set more enemies from deep within the government against Kennedy?  How far might those factions go to alleviate themselves of a president that would not play ball with them?


     Even now, 50 years later, the assassination of John F. Kennedy draws up a wide range of emotions.  While President, Kennedy showed that he was not afraid of bucking the system and that he would not simply follow the status quo.  There can be no doubt that he drew the ire of many behind the scenes power brokers, though we can question whether or not this is what got him killed.  My wish is for everyone to delve in to the information that is available, utilize all of the available resources and see what really makes sense to you.  I will not glamorize JFK the man or JFK the President, but I will say that his murder ended an age in the country.  It showed the American people that we are not protected or isolated from the issues that plague other countries.  It also trained a generation to question official explanations, which could be one of the greatest gifts we as a people could have received.

Until next time, keep your eyes and minds open…